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What is card site

The primeval site is a corporation card site. In fact, this is your trade card on the web. Its main aspiration is a brief transfer of knowledge about the company or person to attract the scrutiny of customers.

In fact, a trade card site is a successful way to interact with a customer. Usually this site consists of 1-3 pages. This is the main page, a page with a brief consideration about the company or person. The last page, for example, is a map, a feedback form for visitors.

Features that should have a business card site:

  1. Summary and concise presentation;
  2. Convenient and thoughtful UX design;
  3. Site adaptability for different devices;
  4. High speed site loading;
  5. The stability of the resource.

Simply put, a trade card site is an electronic “business card” of a organization or an individual with a description of the activity. Most online business cards that are found on the Internet consist of 1–3 individual pages.

The main element of the website is the main page, which should contain all the necessary information about the community  or person. In particular, it is served as a slider with text content. An important element of the main page is the organization logo, which reflects the scope of activity, is clear and as concise as possible.

On the second page of the website, trade cards are usually told about the services provided by the organization or an individual (if this is a personal website). Knowledge is provided in the form of text and photos. The page can be supplemented with a feedback form, with the help of which the visitor sends an application that gets to the mail of the site owner. The last page is contact information, a map of directions, links to social networks and other useful information that a visitor of your site may need if he wants to contact you.

An online trade card is the face of the community, something your potential client first draws attention to. You can order a business card site in a web-studio, where it will be developed from scratch, which is not very cheap, or you can develop a business card site using a free website hosting designer yourself. For this, firstly, you do not need to pay, and, secondly, you will get useful experience in a new field of activity.

What will your company get thanks to a business card site?

First of all, the online business card is a start up project whose main goal is to find new customers using the Internet.

Business card site is:

  1. Saving advertising budget. Your visitors will find your site on the Internet on key inquiries (if it occupies good positions in search engines). Site features allow you to place much more information than in the ad unit in a newspaper or magazine, booklet, leaflet, prices, etc. You significantly save in this way, because the site can contain much more information than in alternative methods of notifying customers.
  2. “Live Office”, which is available around the clock. Visitors of the site, ie potential clients, can receive all the necessary information at any time, and they do not need to contact the real office to get answers to their questions.
  3. The ability to quickly update information on the site. For example, it can be data on prices, addresses, contact numbers, etc. With the help of an Internet resource, all this information is updated instantly, of which your customers will be notified hourly.
  4. If your business has a website, then this is a positive feature of your company. After all, most customers are looking for information primarily on the Internet.
  5. Online business card can be an additional source of income. If the resource is highly visited, then its owner has a great opportunity to receive additional income from placing banner ads on his website.
  6. If you have a website on the Internet, you can run full-fledged advertising campaigns. And this is not only the growing popularity of your brand, but also an increase in profits.

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