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What is it

An online store is a service that allows you to shop online.

This is the same as a regular store. The difference is that you do not need to go anywhere to buy. You just need to go to the site, select a product, place a purchase, choose a delivery method.

How to open an online store

Just like a regular site. You need to choose a reliable hosting, connect the payment system. And make a website.

There are different software engines – which are suitable for organizing an online store.

Nuances when opening an online store

Even a regular store in a mall needs advertising. Otherwise, buyers simply do not know about it.

The site also needs to be promoted. But there are more possibilities. You can attract visitors with advertising and content. When the store is launched – start advertising campaigns. This may be a media, contextual advertising. Identify your audience that interests them. And, based on this, make ads, draw banners.

Users who come from organic delivery are interested people who may not make a purchase right now, but the topic itself is interesting to them. Add a small blog, tell about your brand, products. Write feature articles. For example, if you sell pet products, make publications on this topic – how to care for a cat, what breeds are and how they differ. A person will come to you, read the article. He will remember that you can buy original feed from foreign manufacturers on your website. And later, perhaps, it will order food from you.

Be prepared for the fact that some time will have to work at a loss. Yes, it is a risk. As well as the fact that the site can be attacked by viruses, the server can “lie down”, and buyers will not be able to enter the store’s website.

Social marketing

Social networks are a good source of traffic for your store. Lead groups, promote the brand, interest them subscribers. You can run ads in social networks. There is a possibility of targeting the audience, and if you properly set up advertising campaigns, you will get an increase in conversion and sales.

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