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What is a promotional website?

Promo site is a small, but bright, interesting, eye-catching site. The main objective of the promotional site is to introduce a new brand / product / service to the market. Promo site is a great tool for the formation of the company’s image.

Often a promotional site is created at the time of the advertising campaign, action. It contains all the necessary information about the event: conditions, dates, venue, news, online conferences, event announcements and other information.

When creating a promotional site, great importance is attached to the form in which information is presented on the site.

What are the tasks of promo site

The main task of the promotional site is to produce a visual effect on visitors, to convey to visitors in an original and unobtrusive manner that this product, service or event is interesting, relevant and deserves attention. For promotional sites characterized by the use of a large number of graphics and multimedia materials.

Text information promotional sites differs simplified stylistics of the language. It can be presented in a relaxed, friendly, and at times, in a ridiculous form, which often does not correspond to the usual style of the company. Due to this, communication with site visitors occurs in an easy and accessible manner.

It is also important that promotional sites are easy to manage, as they contain a minimum of features and a small amount of content. As a rule, promotional site materials do not need to be updated, because a site of this type is usually created only for a certain time.

Creating promotional sites is especially beneficial for large companies that want to distinguish any particular product among many others, in a spectacular way to tell customers about its features and benefits.

The task of the promotional site – in a short time to attract the attention of customers or business colleagues to a particular product or service or to inform about the ongoing action or event.

A promo site is an excellent solution, both for promoting a particular product or service, and for building a positive reputation for the company as a whole. Despite its high efficiency, this type of online advertising has a low cost, and the creation of a promotional site usually takes place in a short time.

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