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What is it

A static site is a collection of documents written using HTML, XHTML, XML XML markup technology that is streamed in the programs to view, resulting in a visitor’s page displaying information in all its glory.

Static HTML pages are created manually, after which each visit to the site is presented to the user unchanged. To update information on similar pages, you must manually make changes directly to the program code of the page.

What are pros and minuses of static site

Positive sides:

  1. cheapness of development;
  2. cheap hosting services and minimum requirements for a hosting server, sometimes it is even a free hosting;
  3. high speed page loading;
  4. minimal burden on the hosting server;
  5. Simplicity when migrating to another server or local computer.

Negative sides:

  1. Each subsequent change to a static site causes additional costs;
  2. when creating new partitions, it is often necessary to change many pages of a static site;
  3. impossibility of full support of visitors;
  4. the inability to use a web-project to support business processes.
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Among the drawbacks of static sites, the complexity of updating the site, making any changes is especially highlighted. Site management is impossible without knowledge and skills in the field of web programming – this can lead to additional costs if necessary to add new materials to the site, new sections or categories. And with the development of the site and the increase in the number of pages in general, it becomes difficult to maintain the integrity of the project, to monitor the correctness of program codes, etc.

What is the conclusion

Having analyzed the pros and cons of the static site, one can make a general conclusion: a static site is cheaper in development and technical support, but more expensive with constant renewal of the resource, a static site is a good business card of the enterprise, but it has a big drawback – the lack of extensive opportunities for the website.

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