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What is it

An online storefront is a website that represents a range of goods or services; this is an electronic catalog with illustrative images of products, in which their main characteristics are indicated. This site is different from the online store lack of ability to make a purchase and pay for goods directly on the page. In this case, the user can only send a request to purchase such or similar product, leaving their contacts.

Such resources can significantly increase sales of specific products, increase brand awareness and audience loyalty, as people trust more and buy more products that they can see and appreciate. Also here you can specify current prices.

This is a great platform for online advertising, which will attract new customers and motivate visitors to buy offline. It will also help in a short time to tell your customers about new offers.

An online storefront is designed to demonstrate and market a product or service and a brand as a whole. A user visits such a site in order to select a product from the entire range, look at samples of completed work, find out actual information about it and order a selected product or a similar service. An online storefront is created as an informational business site similar in characteristics to a corporate one. He represents the company’s products, demonstrates a wide selection, but does not sell directly.

Why do we need a virtual showcase?

The main task of the virtual storefront is to provide comprehensive information for productive communication between the seller and the buyer. A description, information about promotions and similar special offers are attached to the photo gallery of the goods offered.

Creating a website-showcase, you get an online platform for placing promotional materials in order to promote a product, service, brand or event.

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